We’re the survivors, like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (black survivors)
Thrown in the fire, but-a never get burn
So I I-dren, I-sistren
The preaching and talkin’ is done
We’ve gotta live up, wo now, wo now! –
‘Cause the Father’s time has come
Some people put the best outside
Some people keep the best inside
Some people can’t stand up strong
Some people won’t wait for long


Bob Marley- “Survivor”


A portrait of national PTSD. A glimpse what it’s like to live in empire with hope, but little justice. A list of the new laws I have received from the Pharisee’s of the empire.

Skittles. Don’t carry skittles. Or Ice Tea, those cans are big and can look like a weapon in your pocket.

Hoodies, you can wear your hoodie, I know it’s cold but don’t pull your hood up. No in fact wear a sweater.

Don’t move. Don’t move, or reach or move your hands…..hands on the wheel, look straight ahead. Don’t look afraid or nervous, look natural and relaxed although you may die. Seriously relax …..

Be respectful, yes sir. No sir. I don’t know sir. I’m just headed to the church, yes I work there. I’m the Vicar…..

Wear your collar you should be ok. Don’t wear your clericals to many questions with the tattoos, too many tattoos. You should wear the collar. You will be safer.

Wallet. Keep your wallet on the dash, not in the visor. No on the dash. It will slide on the dash and what happens if it falls? Keep your wallet in the visor, not your back pocket that’s how he was killed……

Mark your wife’s number as your wife and her name so they know who to call and you are on the sidewalk…..

What will my family do if I don’t come home tonight? I better make plans, and tell them it’s possible.

Is the triple A payed up? I can’t stop and ask a cop for help. Ever.

No loosies.

No smoking while pulled over. (Be respectful)

Swallow your dignity so you can see your daughter again.

No loitering in front of a store. Loitering is hanging for more than to the car and back.

Don’t argue, with anyone. Ever. Not on the street.

Call your wife, when you get there. Don’t let her worry. Call her before you leave. Give her an ETA. She has to be prepared to be a widow.

Don’t protest. Don’t speak up. Or at least do it in ways that are acceptable to society.

Don’t post on social media when you are outraged.

Remember your tone. Tone. They won’t believe you if you can’t keep a calm clear voice and a sense a peace as the world burns around you.

It’s like when you were in prison. Anyone can be killed, at any time. For any reason.

Remember that Christ is with you. Hope is real, even as you are slowly being wore down by the world.

You will lose your friends.

You will risk your career.

If you tell the truth to the empire you had better be prepared to die.

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