( Editors note: When I wrote this I know I didn’t mention the great African Descent Bishops in place in the ELCA and our full communion partners. I know you good folks are there. I see you, as role models and hero’s. I’m calling for more so you don’t stand in the breach almost alone.)


It’s been over a week and I’m still not sure what happened. I know we gathered. I know the spirit, She was there. The room was heavy with it. I mean the power was moving, flowing, pushing, prodding. It was cornering us and making sure the only way out was justice. Our only defense before God would be erring on the side of Grace.

The Holy Spirit is a terrorist and it wasn’t negotiating. Jesus is a liberator and the chains of oppression are on us all. The dominant culture in the secular world is singing its swan song (Make America Great Again). In our church, it is embedded in all we do. It is the small pox infested blanket we sell as a hymnal.  It is the mission developers who are the share croppers of the ecclesiastical world. It is the LGBTQ pastor you keep blaming for shrinking endowments while you still don’t tithe 10% anyway. It is the secret ballot you cast at Synod assembly where you pass up the qualified African Descent candidate for the Bishop. Amazing how the “Holy Spirit” never seems to choose the black choice.

I think hope put on a hoodie, grabbed some skittles, and sat down up front at #decolonize16.

I think an angel stopped over to #decolinize16 on its way to the Stonewall riots.

I think our ableist oppression got smacked in its demonic face by a cane at midday.

I think Eric Garner may have taken a deep breath at the banquet.

I think many leaders who were there actually listened to the cries of black and brown peers.

I think those same leaders noticed the scars and bruises and bloody stains on our stoles.

I think change may be afoot but this gathering had so little to do with the leaders and was something bigger than us.

I think this thing went down without a mistake. It was perfectly crafted by grace and shaped by our brokenness.

I think #decolonize17 in Philly is going to be a breakthrough …..

Of the kingdom…..

Of God’s victory ……

Of justice and God’s equity.

I think you should be there.

I pray we cracked the door open….


If you are interested in what #decolonizelutheranism is check out http://decolonizelutheranism.org/

#decolonize17 tickets are available now here  http://decolonizelutheranism.org/decolonize17/

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